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Increase positive environmental & social impact

Iroony® materials contribute to :

  • Reduce irrigation

  • Decrease pesticides use

  • Restore the soils

  • Encourage culture rotation

  • Preserve biodiversity

  • Capture carbon dioxyde (carbon sink)

  • Produce healthy food resources (hemp seeds)

  • Optimize agricultural land use

  • Provide additional and diversified revenues to farmers

  • Create local and relevant jobs for hemp transformation into Iroony®

  • Secure strategic materials supply upstream the value chain

  • Increase territories resiliency


negative impact & side effects

Iroony® materials AVOID :

  • Micro-plastic pollution,

thus preventing fish, other marine animals and ultimately humans from eating plastic

  • Massive carbon dioxyde emissions,

as resulting from polyester production 

  • Intensive cultures, mainly GMO,

such as industrial cotton

  • Deforestation or other natural ecosystems depletion,

to set-up eucalyptus plantations for instance

  • Dedication of agricultural lands to textile

without producing food

  • Long transport chains

  • Uncertain social conditions

for farmers, workers and other local populations `

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